Dorset Twinning Association



The lnks previously contained on this page have been withdrawn due to the ever changing laws and tax regulations, the withdrawal from the EU by the UK and the many agencies targetting British buyers.

Things to be aware of , inter alia are;

  1. BulletTaxe foncière

  2. BulletTaxes d’habitation

  3. BulletCharges de Co-proproprietés

  4. BulletDroits de passages

  5. BulletTableau d’electricité au norme? - some real shockers can be found!

  6. BulletFosse septiques ou non

  7. BulletGaz de ville ou naturelle

  8. BulletDébit disponible ou même existence d’internet

  9. BulletLes impôts sur la fortune [ISF]

  10. BulletConsommation d’enérgie

  11. BulletIt is customary for estate agaents to take their commission from the buyer although a price may be quoted nnnn € FAI, meaning that the commission is included in the price You can negotiate this however.

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