Dorset Twinning Association


Calendar of events

There are two ways to add events to this calendar;

  1. 1.Create your own calendar with Google and invite us to share it. Send the invitation to I will then amend our calendar so it will automatically report your events, OR

  2. 2.Accept the invitation to share this calendar that I sent to your contact address [I hope you keep us up to date with your contact details].

See below for instructions.

Click here to contact me if you wish to have permission to use this calendar.  Bonne continuation...Salut.... DTA Webmaster

Instructions for using the calendar;

  1. 1.Click on link to Google calendar

  2. 2.Sign in

  3. add an event click on the plus sign

  4. 4.Give full dates and details of the event inluding a precise address (this will enable Google to give directions to the address)

  5. 5.Add invitees if you wish - this makes the announcement more personal and more likely to get attention