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Conference at County Hall, Dorchester, 10h30 ~ 13h00, 24 March 2012

European Grants & Attracting younger members to your associations



The conference was led by Sherborne, who have had a good deal of success, in the framework of their Douzelage activities. 

A more detailed summary will follow but in the meantime here are links to the materials;


Twinning Funding workshop

Twinning Youth Motivation

Twinning Sporting Events

Further information on grants can be found by clicking on the title above or following this link:

Request for an Italian Twinning link

We have been asked by the municipality of Vigolo Vattaro, situated in the north of Italy, Euregio Trentino - Alto Adige - Sudtirol - Tirol if any of our members or even other associations would be interested in being actively twinned with them. They are looking for more than just a name plate on the village sign.


Vigolo Vattaro is a small town, of about 2.500 inhabitants with many activities and services. The economy is agriculture based there is a primary and a middle school, a library, a theatre, and a youth centre with a hostel which is under construction (it will be finished in early 2013). The town has a long history, with evidence of human settlement dating back to 1500BC. There is a XIII century castle, and a wonderful natural Tyrolean landscape: please visit the web-site for pictures and more information; the site unfortunately is not jet translated into English but the Google translation service is adequate.

If your town is interested please let me know [click here] and I will put you in contact with their project manager, Alessandra Piccoli.

7 March 2012

Email accounts

As I mentioned at the conference it is now possible for your association to have its own @twinning email account, which can be used on an ongoing basis but one or more of your committee members to receive DTA news and announcements. We see this as being valuable in keeping  one constant contact address. If you have not yet applied for your please let me know by clicking here. This will open an email in your preferred email application. If access your email account via an internet browser please write to me at

After receiving your account information from me, if you would like help setting up your computer to receive your email account, please go to our web host where there is guidance on setting up your computer, phone, ipad etc .

Put your events on a calendar and share the news

To add your associations events to the DTA calendar, you will first you need to either join this calendar by accepting the invitation that I sent to the contact address that I have for members or set up your own calendar and invite  us to participate by sending your share invitation to click on the google calendar button below and sign in. Guidance and help is also available there.

Click here to contact me if you wish to have permission to use this calendar.  Bonne continuation...Salut.... Philip

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