Dorset Twinning Association - members, please read, please


Email accounts

Did you know that it is possible for your association to have its own @twinning email account which can be used on an ongoing basis by one or more of your committee members to receive DTA communications. Having one constant contact address will save us all a lot of time keeping records up to date. This was set up some years ago but there has so far been zero interest. As people have learned more about the use of email and the internet there might now be more interest. Perhaps when it rains frogs.

If you have not yet applied for your @twinning email account and would like one please ask here. This will open an email on your computer for you to complete and send. If you want to access your email account via an internet browser please let me know.

After receiving your account information from me, if you would like help setting up your computer to receive your email account, please go to our web host where there is guidance for your computer, phone, iPad etc .

Put your events on the Google calendar and share the news

To add your associations events to the DTA calendar, you will first you need to either join this calendar by accepting the invitation that I sent to the contact address I have for members or set up your own calendar and invite  us to participate by sending your share invitation to Click on the google calendar button below and sign in. Guidance and help is also available there.

If you have difficulties in opening this email please click here to be taken the an online version.
Join us on Facebook

Just to remind you there are 2 FB ways for you to follow and connect with us.

  1. 1.Click here to follow our Page. You can see stuff but can’t comment etc. unless you have a FB account. (If you wish to post events or create Docs, see 2 below.)

  2. 2.If you already have a FB account, you ask to join the DTA Group. This would enable to post news & events, upload photos, create documents, link to other pages on the internet, etc.

The reasons for the 2 methods are discussed in notes which you can read here


Insurance and subscription renewal

Subscriptions are due in the second half of December each year in order to fund the insurance policy renewal premium, which falls due on 1 January. There is usually an increase in premium but we only know this in the second half of December after the date limit for our AGM. The Management Committee therefore estimates the membership fee based on reasonable judgement at the time renewal letters and email are sent out out. It helps if your contact details are up to date- see above. Above is a link to the form which can be returned as confirmation of your payment and your association’s contact details or as the case may be, of any amendments thereto.


Such data that we hold about our members has been provided by them voluntarily and is used for correspondence with them. We do not sell or give our members’ data to third parties. If any member wishes us to delete their data they should request this of the webmaster without delay.

There are two ways to add events to this calendar;

  1. Create your own calendar with Google and invite us to share it. Send the invitation to I will then amend our calendar so it will automatically report your events, OR

  2. Accept an invitation to share this calendar that I send.

Instructions for using the calendar;

  1. 1.Click on this link to Google calendar

  2. 2.Sign in or create an account with Google

  3. 3.To add an event click on the plus sign

  4. 4.Give full dates and details of the event including a precise address (this will enable Google to give directions to the address)

  5. 5.Add invitees if you wish - this makes the announcement more personal and more likely to get attention.

Click here to contact me if you wish to add events to this calendar.


Click on the banner to be taken to homepage

Members, PLEASE keep your contact information current

Now you can use an online form to let us know of any changes. And here it is. This form cam also be used for letting us know that you have paid your subscription. You can also let us know if you have created your own web site /created a facebook page etc.. Amendments can be sent at any time throughout the year of course. And can I just mention we have such a difficult time tracking down changes in your information.

Photo Galleries

The new photo galleries sits on our internet server at!home. To create albums and add photos you need to be registered. You send me a request to Further help on how to use the gallery / albums can be found at