The website is the Association’s prime means of providing information to member associations and to the general public on all aspects of twinning activity, as well as helping to promote international understanding. The purpose of these notes is to help individual associations to get information into the site, and to achieve the best results from it.

Use of the Dorset Twinning Association website

The website receives many visitors, with totals of ‘hits’ regularly reaching in excess of 250 a month. The website is easily found by anyone searching for twinning links – try entering the keywords ‘Dorset’ and ‘twinning’ into a Google search. It is therefore a valuable ‘shop window’ for promoting your twinning association and providing contact details for anyone wishing to find out more.

Please make sure that any information that is already on the site is still relevant to your twinning association and notify the webmaster at web[at] of any changes that need to be made, as it is difficult for one person to monitor everything that is there and keep it up to date.

If you would like any news or other information about your twinning association to be included on the Dorset Twinning Association website, you can post this directly to our Facebook group page: Group

Associations are requested to send their annual report of activities to the Secretary of the Association in electronic format, so that these can be readily made available on the website, in order that visitors can see what everyone else has been up to (or what they may have been missing!).

Refreshing your browser page

If you are expecting changes to have been made do not forget to refresh your browser page before complaining that changes have not been made. To do this on a pc press Cntrl-R and on a mac press cmd-R.

Use of email

Please make sure that there is a regularly used email address through which your association may be contacted, as we would like to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with individual twinning associations and at the same time save paper!

Note that email addresses will be used only for the purpose of contacting a twinning association and will not be passed on to any third party.

If you are concerned about disclosing your personal email address, you may wish to consider setting up a mailbox solely for twinning business. This is an easy matter to do, by logging into your account with your ISP and afterwards configuring this email address in Outlook Express (or whatever program you use).

All email addresses posted on the Dorset Twinning Association website will have their ‘@’ symbol removed, to prevent the automated harvesting of email addresses from the site by spam originators. It will necessary to replace the ‘@’ symbol when using these addresses.

If you communicate with your membership via a Distribution List, it is strongly recommended for extra security that you insert the address list as a ‘Blind carbon copy’ (Bcc) so that others’ details cannot be seen by the recipient.